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The New Age of Contingent Labor 

A Fresh Perspective for Procurement Professionals

As open positions continue to go unfilled, procurement organizations need to understand how contingent labor can be utilized to exceed goals.

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Procurement leaders are intentionally incorporating contingent labor into their staffing plans. A contingent labor strategy will expand talent pools, diversify experience and skillsets, generate significant savings, reduce risk, and foster innovation. Top leaders see these benefits as essential to ensuring the optimal functioning of their organizations.

Key topics include:

  • The Constrained Labor Market
  • The Rising Cost of an Employee
  • Fundamental Flexibility in Inflationary Times
  • Contemporary Contingent Workers Innovate Procurement
Whitepaper - Managing Contracts in Inflationary Times

Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer for Spend Matters, and David Pastore, Senior Vice President at Velocity Procurement, met to discuss how procurement can address the talent shortage that the global market currently faces. Velocity Procurement is a consulting services firm that helps procurement improve their financial results by investing in talent, processes, and technology.  LISTEN NOW


  • Finishing the Year Strong: Realizing Objectives and Paving the Way to Future Procurement Elevation

  • People Should Be a Core Pillar of Any Procurement Transformation

  • Navigating Complexity: A Roadmap to Success in Hard-to-Manage Procurement Categories

  • AI in Procurement: Opportunities and Risks

  • Navigating Procurement & Inflation : Enhancing Contract Management and Sourcing Strategies

  • Balancing Competing Procurement Priorities for Unprecedented Success in 2023!

  • Aligning Procurement Strategy and Setting Objectives

  • 8 Steps To Avoid Change Orders In Your Procurement Digital Transformation

  • Why Digital Transformations Fail

  • Digital Transformation vs. Business Transformation