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Procurement organization are evolving and a significant part of that evolution is the use of technology. The vast technology landscape can present a challenge to procurement decision-makers. This is where Velocity Procurement can step in and add value. Velocity’s technology team understands the complexities of Procurement technologies and uses that expertise to help clients along the technology improvement journey.


We deploy technology experts that utilizes an effective model for conducting a formal needs analysis and fit/gap assessment, including a detailed business case leading to an efficient sourcing decision, implementation and deployment.

We assist clients with the development of an effective business case that is critical to determining the business needs/wants, solution options, total cost, impact to the company, timing and ROI.

We lead the buying efforts by utilizing an effective model that includes a formal needs analysis and fit/gap assessment, including a comprehensive sourcing effort leading to an efficient award decision.

Leveraging a formal roadmap that depicts the solution module deployments, impact to users, needs for technical involvement, stakeholder participation, dedicated PMO and precise solution integration, we lead the project from kick-off to go-live.

Using focused change management and training techniques, we ensure that the end-users and impact to the organization remain a topline focus which results in the highest degree of success in getting the program adopted long-term.

At Velocity, we’ve seen our clients successfully transform their procurement technology using both ‘best-of-breed’ and ‘fully-integrated’ solution-approaches.

Solutions Advisory

There are innovative technologies that allow procurement organizations to improve the use of best practices and realize greater efficiency with their daily operations. With our decades of procurement consulting, including technology implementations, Velocity’s procurement technology services can help you reduce the time it takes to achieve your business objectives. We provide you the speed you need to quickly and effectively implement your procurement technology tools.


Velocity Procurement is technology agnostic with experience and expertise in all leading Procurement technologies. Remaining agnostic allows us to be objective, which ensures that our clients implement the best technology to support their unique needs.


Velocity Procurement engages a collaborative effort, using deep subject-matter and product experts, to align best practices in procurement automation to clients’ business requirements, maximized by team-based software testing, user and supplier enablement and ERP integration activities.

Focus on Change Management

Follow a customized blueprint for influencing change by communicating the value proposition (including, what’s in it for me) and deploying effective change management techniques that leverage targeted communications, training and support to ensure maximum software adoption.

Solutions Expertise

We have dedicated teams that focus on helping our clients along their journey of solution implementation and deployment. We support most leading platforms in the market today, however, we have deeper expertise and focus with the following solutions.

AppZen v2
Basware logoV2


a Mid-Market Solution

Velocity Procurement makes it easy for companies to obtain and leverage industry-leading technology platforms to improve their procurement efficiency and effectiveness within a modest budget.

Velocity works with all the leading procurement technology brands, and most of the niche and specialized brands too. So, when it comes to either “best-of-breed’ or ’fully-integrated’ solutions, we can assist you in developing a customized deployment model based on your organization’s budget, need, size, complexity and vertical.

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“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”  ― Douglas Adams

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