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Supplier Desk

Centralized supplier management with an adaptable resource model capable of identifying, evaluating, managing, and measuring suppliers.

Elevate supplier relationships and achieve your strategic goals

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Access specialized expertise in supplier management, difficult to replicate in-house.

Easily adjust to changing circumstances and requirements, while reducing overall procurement costs. Velocity eliminates the need for you to hire and train a dedicated in-house team and can help negotiate better pricing and terms with your suppliers.

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Program Management Activities

The value generated from establishing a successful Supplier Desk can be experienced in several key areas:


Analyze and develop strategy for program


Draft process, policy, SOP and guide tools


Develop rollout plan, communications and training approach


Implement a key user group pilot to assess readiness


Implement program enterprise wide according to plan


User onboarding, training and communications


Establish KPIs and VOC capabilities to ensure continued adoption


Formalize knowledge capture and continuous improvement plans

    Ready to optimize your supplier operations?

    Revolutionize Your Supplier Management

    A scalable resource model allowing you to effortlessly identify, evaluate, and optimize your suppliers for growth and success.


    Enhance focus on improved supplier relationships, minimized risks, and optimized procurement costs with a team of knowledgeable resources.


    Free up internal resources to focus on core business functions. This flexibility helps you stay agile to respond to changes in the market.


    Boost efficiency and improve accuracy through streamlined and automated processes. Flexible resourcing reduces time and resource constraints.


    Provide real-time insights into supplier performance and potential risks allowing you to improve performance and make informed business decisions.

    The Basics of the Supplier Desk

    An outsourced supplier desk for optimized supplier management processes, improved supplier relationships, and reduced costs.

    Ensures that the appropriate procedures and personnel are established and can be expanded or modified to accommodate evolving business requirements. 

    Establishes a centralized supplier management function across supplier identification, registration and onboarding, qualification, risk, issue resolution, measurement, and ongoing training and support.

    Produces valuable data and outputs such as recommended supplier lists, surveys, and scorecards. Helps to streamline processes and improve the use of automation.

    Supports supplier diversity programs promoting a more inclusive and innovative supply chain. Provides opportunities to businesses that may have been traditionally excluded from the procurement process.

    Allows organizations to take proactive steps to mitigate risks and ensure a continuity of supply. Helps to hold suppliers accountable for meeting contractual obligations and delivering high-quality products and services.

    Provides insights into supplier performance over time to identify areas for continuous improvement. Works collaboratively with suppliers to make these improvements leading to better performance and increased value.

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