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Staffing & Managed Services


Solve short or long-term staffing needs including workload increases, vacant positions, or ongoing business needs such as growth and expansion

Procurement Talent That Delivers Excellence

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Access a wide pool of talent with expertise across all of Source-to-Pay

Leading procurement organizations use our temporary labor as a cost-effective solution to handle fluctuations in demand and to acquire resources with strong procurement expertise for short-term projects.

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Areas of Specialty

Resources that have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve optimal results. 

Category Management
Strategic Sourcing
Supply Chain Analytics
Supplier Management
Contract Management
Procurement Operations
S2P Technology
Executive Leadership

Ready to optimize your staffing?

Why Choose Velocity?


Bringing you comprehensive knowledge and experience spanning the entire Source-to-Pay lifecycle. Easily expand your expertise across all category portfolios


Partnering with Velocity gives you access to our relationships with leading technology providers and to a strong bench of quality talent that is ready to contribute to your organization from day one


Our resource models are highly adaptable, enabling you to easily scale your workforce to meet peak demand times or changes in project scope. This allows you to effectively manage workloads, meet deadlines, and handle a higher volume of work


Ensure that resources are a good fit for your team and culture before making a permanent hire by using our conversion model

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