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Staffing & Managed Services

Managed Service Provider Staffing

Solve short or long-term staffing needs, including workload increases, vacant positions, or ongoing business needs such as growth and expansion with Velocity’s managed service provider staffing.

Find Procurement Talent That Delivers Excellence and Consistent Results

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Tap into a diverse talent pool well-versed in the entire Source-to-Pay spectrum.

Our managed service provider staffing delivers unparalleled access to a skilled team of procurement professionals for your short-term projects, optimizing resource allocation. This streamlined approach ensures agile team expansion, promoting operational efficiency and successful project delivery. Elevate your procurement capabilities with the inherent flexibility and proficiency offered by Velocity’s adept workforce and find a solution tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Areas of Specialty

Our managed service provider staffing solutions provide you with the right skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve optimal results.

Category Management
Strategic Sourcing
Supply Chain Analytics
Supplier Management
Contract Management
Procurement Operations
S2P Technology
Executive Leadership

Want to Optimize Your Operations With Managed Service Provider Staffing?

Why Choose Velocity?


Our managed service provider staffing brings you comprehensive knowledge and experience spanning the entire Source-to-Pay lifecycle, allowing you to easily expand your expertise across all category portfolios.


Partnering with Velocity gives you access to our relationships with leading technology providers and to a strong bench of quality talent that is ready to contribute to your organization from day one.


Our resource models are highly adaptable, enabling you to easily scale your workforce to meet peak demand times or changes in project scope. This allows you to effectively manage workloads, meet deadlines, and handle a higher volume of work.


Ensure that resources are a good fit for your team and culture before making a permanent hire by using our managed service provider staffing and conversion model.

Explore Our Other Staffing & Managed Services

At Velocity, we’re committed to providing you with the managed service provider staffing solutions your organization deserves. Explore our managed services below and discover what it’s like to work with a leading procurement partner.

Sourcing Desk

Our sourcing desk is designed to meet your needs and locations. We strive to save you money and provide value for every dollar spent using cutting-edge methods, infrastructure, and dependable personnel.

Supplier Desk

Nobody enjoys surprises when it comes to procurement. With Velocity’s specialized supplier desk, you can quickly adapt to changing conditions and needs while decreasing total procurement costs.

Contracts Desk

Our contracts desk is an invaluable resource for all your contract-related needs, helping you to increase efficiency and compliance while saving you time and energy and minimizing risk.

Buy Desk

Our buy desk managed service provider staffing solutions allow you to elevate efficiency and optimize procure-to-pay processes for increased spend management, compliance, and cost savings.

AP Desk

Leverage our specialized expertise and adaptable resources to streamline AP functions, automate processes, enhance accuracy, gain visibility through analytics, and improve your financial operations.

Tech Desk

Our end-to-end tech support outsourcing offers proven capabilities and domain expertise, allowing you to manage procurement tech systems, user support, and solutions with industry best practices, expertise, and seamless integration.

Discover the Benefits of Our Managed Service Provider Staffing

Velocity’s adept staffing solutions empower you to pay only for necessary resources when required. Our extensive experience as Procurement & S2P experts fuels relationships built on trust. We take the time to deeply understand your business, enhancing our support. Through skillful resource deployment, we seamlessly extend your team’s capabilities and represent your organization. Benefit from our unmatched affiliations with leading technology providers, ensuring tailored solutions.

With our managed service provider staffing, empower your employees to focus on strategic tasks. Our approach enhances uptime via continuous improvement, innovation, and adaptable resourcing as your organization evolves. Leverage the synergy of our expertise to drive performance, transparency, and control. Scorecards, risk tools, and actionable reporting streamline decision-making without the burden of data manipulation. Our commitment extends beyond staffing—we’re your partners in growth, adapting to your changing needs while ensuring optimized outcomes.

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