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Sourcing Desk

A rigorous operational sourcing model tailored to the unique needs, categories, and geography of our clients.

Make Sourcing a Competitive Advantage

Sourcing Desk

Achieve More Savings & Value For Every Dollar Spent With Adaptable Resourcing

A flexible delivery model spanning the entire sourcing lifecycle with a focus on continuous evaluation and improvement and an assurance that the organization is obtaining the best value from suppliers.

Make Sourcing a Competitive Advantage

Our Sourcing Capability and Delivery Approach are Flexible at Their Core

Velocity’s Sourcing Desk capabilities are much broader than those of other sourcing outsourcing providers. Our proprietary mix of analytics and sourcing methods, talent and supporting infrastructure, and sourcing strategy align with your business goals. We deliver greater savings and value from day one.


Develop sophisticated sourcing strategies through a sound methodology and specialized talent with deep category knowledge.


Capitalize on exceptional relationships with key technology providers and access a team of resources to help you proactively manage category strategies.


Ongoing evolution and optimization of resources improves productivity, scales infrastructure as needed, and reduces costs through a predictable pricing model.


Centralized data management and effective analytics and reporting provide immediate visibility into sourcing activities and allow teams to quickly identify and respond to issues.

Program Management Activities



Analyze and develop strategy for program



Draft process, policy, SOP and guide tools


Develop rollout plan, communications and training approach



Implement a key user group pilot to assess readiness


Implement program enterprise wide according to plan


User onboarding, training and communications


Establish KPIs and VOC capabilities to ensure continued adoption


Formalize knowledge capture and continuous improvement plans

    Ready to optimize your sourcing operations?

    The Basics of the Sourcing Desk

    Organizations can improve their sourcing function through a fresh perspective, specialized expertise, and time-tested best practices.

    Enables deeper project portfolio development and brings the commercial skills and specialized category expertise necessary to develop sound strategies and develop stakeholder relationships

    Closely monitors and analyzes project requests ensuring continued availability of resources to meet project demands and maintain high-quality levels

    Eliminates the internal grind of data manipulation with comprehensive MDM and spend analytics that produce usable and actionable reporting

    Addresses targeted supplier management needs with scorecards, performance administration, and risk tools and enables a comprehensive supplier management capability

    Improves financial performance and lowers overhead costs through optimized business processes and a flexible pool of resources that respond quickly to changing business needs

    The savings generated through the Sourcing Desk can help fund other areas of procurement to create efficiencies across the entire Source-to-Pay organization

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