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Contracts Desk

A centralized hub for all contract-related matters communicating and liaising with stakeholders and suppliers to address internal and external needs.

Ensure Maximized Contract Value and Minimized Risk

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Optimal scalability allows you to increase support during peak contract times while taking advantage of specialized expertise not available in-house

The Contracts Desk plays a critical role in managing the contracting process and ensuring that contracts are compliant, effective, and aligned with the organization’s objectives.

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Program Management Activities

The value generated from establishing a successful Contracts Desk can be experienced in several key areas:

  • 01

    Analyze and develop strategy for program
  • 02

    Draft process, policy, SOP and guide tools
  • 03

    Develop rollout plan, communications and training approach
  • 04

    Implement a key user group pilot to assess readiness
  • 05

    Implement program enterprise wide according to plan
  • 06

    User onboarding, training and communications
  • 07

    Establish KPIs and VOC capabilities to ensure continued adoption
  • 08

    Formalize knowledge capture and continuous improvement plans

    Ready to optimize your contracting operations?

    Unlock the Power of Efficient Contract Management

    A continuous improvement approach that includes ongoing monitoring and analysis of contract management practices, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to drive better outcomes.


    Fittingly matched resources will focus on improved supplier relationships, increased cost savings, and reduced risk.


    Ensures the right processes, people, and tools are in place and can be scaled and adjusted with changing business needs.


    Improved output through upskilled resource capabilities, streamlined processes, reduced administrative burdens, and the elimination of manual tasks.


    Provides the necessary technology and infrastructure to effectively manage contracts and ensures timely and accurate reporting.

    The Basics of the Contracts Desk

    A holistic approach that coordinates contract management activities across the organization, adopts best practices and leverages technology to drive efficiency and compliance.

    Ensures the right processes, people, and tools are in place and can be scaled and adjusted with changing business needs.

    Establishes a centralized contract management function capable of managing contracts across different functions and businesses.

    Reduces variability and improves efficiency through standardized contract templates and processes and automates manual tasks.

    Ensures stakeholder satisfaction by thorough needs identification, clear communication and collaboration, accelerating contract lead times, and monitoring contract compliance.

    Promotes cost savings through resource efficiencies, increased throughput, and negotiated savings from a team of skillful resources with knowledge across a variety of spend portfolios.

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