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Staffing and Managed Services

Agile solutions provide you access to a singular resource to meet short-term staffing needs, or a highly skilled and fittingly matched team deployed to provide a long-term solution to influencing change, improving processes, increasing efficiencies, and reducing budgetary expenditures

Your management philosophy and priorities are unique. Our approach can be customized to maintain consistency with your vision

Organizations are looking to increase expertise, reach, productivity, and visibility across their source to pay functions. They aim to diminish resource gaps and relieve their teams of non-core procurement activities.

Tedious procurement operations can easily be supported by out-tasking reactive functions to Velocity’s Managed Services team, while turnover and skill gaps can be eliminated through Velocity’s adaptable resource models.

Throughout our 15 years of experience in this business, we’ve learned that no two procurement organizations are the same. We don’t prescribe “cookie-cutter” solutions. Velocity is hands on throughout the pre-engagement to understand your unique challenges and needs and will deliver a tailored solution that ensures long-term success.

Benefits of Working with our Managed Services and Staffing Teams

Lower costs and budget effectively by converting fixed procurement costs into variable costs – Only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Time-tested experience with relationships built on trust. As Procurement & S2P experts, we know your business and will take the time to get to know it even better.

We deploy the right resources aptly matched to activities to extend your team, and to ambassador your organization. Leverage our unparalleled relationships with leading technology providers

Allow employees to focus on core and strategic activities while increasing uptime through continuous improvement, automation, innovation, and adaptable resourcing as your organization grows and changes

Improve your performance, transparency & control through scorecards, risk tools, and useable and actionable reporting without the internal grind of data manipulation

Powered by Velocity Knowledge Hub

Access extends far beyond your assigned team. Velocity allows you to capitalize on our years of institutional and gathered knowledge to make more informed business decisions. Leverage our benchmarking, insights, tools, templates, specialized software, and subject matter experts to identify best practices, develop new strategies and implement innovative solutions to complex problems.

Meet Velocity’s Staffing & Managed Services Leaders

John Powell

VP Procurement Solutions

John Powell

John comes to Velocity Procurement with 10+ years of experience in the procurement space. He is a professional networker and problem solver at his core crafting bespoke solutions in partnerships with organizations both large and small, across many industries. He has managed large sales teams in multiple verticals across his 25+ years as a sales professional and leader. John also has an entrepreneurial spirit, having owned and operated both a childcare facility and a local financing company for an underserved demographic in his local community.

John is a lifelong learner with a curiosity that enables him to become an extension of your procurement team. He is considered an excellent listener because he focuses on the root causes and current pain points in your source-to-pay processes.

John was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. (South Park), and is a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He returns at least once a year to take in a game with his boyhood friends. They also maintain a competitive deck hockey game annually, even though most of the gang only grab a hockey stick once a year, and some probably shouldn’t anymore.

John moved to Parkland, Florida, after graduating from Penn West University in 1992 for a branch leadership position with the now-defunct Great Western Bank. John relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, in 2009 after the financial crisis, where he became an entrepreneur out of necessity. John returned to sales management, joining SIG (Sourcing Industry Group) in 2014, and has been in procurement ever since. He has maintained business relationships with several procurement executives crafting solutions for their problems as their career paths take them to multiple organizations and roles.

John still plays and officiates ice hockey games in the Jacksonville adult leagues. He is most proud of his children who are always pursuing their dreams. His son is an aspiring musician touring many venues in the South. His daughter is in high school and will settle for nothing short of a career in musical theatre on Broadway.

David Pastore

Senior Vice President
Spend Management

Dave Pastore

Senior Vice President
Spend Management

David Pastore

David is a results focused, strategic, and analytical Procurement thought leader who is passionate about elevating the role of Procurement to become a leader and create a competitive advantage for clients in their respective industries. For 15 years he has led teams of consultants that help market leading companies manage their most complex and strategic spends and supplier relationships. Pairing a technical background with his procurement expertise, he brings extensive experience sourcing, developing, and implementing source-to-pay technology. Most of all, David is genuinely committed to the people with whom he works. He has coached and mentored collaborators ranging from analysts to executives and deeply values the mutual growth derived from strong relationships.

An entrepreneur at heart, David always found ways to earn money from a very young age. He did things like setting up a trading card store and picked and sold wild blueberries to a local farmer’s market. Later, he ran his own business to pay his way through college by taking on odd jobs and subcontracting: landscaping, splitting firewood, refinishing railings, handyman work, etc. His discipline, determination and work ethic continue to drive improvement within himself, the teams with whom he works and his clients.

David lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two dogs. He has far more interests and hobbies than he has time to pursue them. He enjoys traveling, hiking and camping, powerlifting, woodworking, metalworking, making noise with synthesizers, playing chess and creating art. He spends most of his free time in his workshop and has proudly built more of his furniture than he’s purchased.

Favorite Quote:

“The ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to convey it to another.” ― Richard Feynman

Achieving Value

In addition to significant realized savings (not just a net positive return on investment), benefits of a procurement services program with Velocity include reduced cost of procurement operations, increased spend under management and improved contract compliance, to name a few.

Sourcing cycle time reduction in days


Through deployment of Sourcing Desk, process optimization

Average reduction in maverick spend


Effective utilization of Buy Desk, requisition treatment and supplier enablement

Increase in user adoption and policy adherence

As a foundational pillar of our company philosophy, we issued
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
― Johann wolfgang von Goethe