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The third step to transformation is to map your improvement opportunities and developing a plan.

Map the Opportunities for Improvement

As a result of the 9-Dynamics Proficiency assessment, specifically the capability gap report, there will be defined opportunities for improvement that will enable the success of the procurement transformation. These opportunities typically range from changes to operational structure and organization to enhancements to policy, process and procedure. Often there is a mix of these improvements that will be contributors to other initiatives. For example, changes to policy and process are typically a prerequisite to the development of business requirements for an implementation of new procurement technology – without the revisions to policy and process, the technology implementation may not benefit from best-practices.

Velocity Procurement supports clients with enabling these identified improvement areas in order to elevate the procurement program as it embarks on the transformation journey. These improvement initiatives are grouped into distinct segments aligned to the 9-Dynamics.

In our experience, your procurement situation is unique and there is no one-size-fits all plan to delivering transformation. It can be said that because of your company culture and procurement attitude alone, an approach to change is treated very differently.

Most Common Improvement Opportunities:

  • Changes or improvements to the existing procurement governance & operating model
  • Improving the infrastructure of procurement operations, such as policy and process
  • Restructuring the organization and uplifting personnel skillsets to meet increased demand or changes in business
  • Enhancing the use of existing procurement technology tools or acquiring new best-of-breed solutions

Mapping the opportunities, as part of developing the plan, is very much a collaborative effort with key stakeholders and leadership. This should never be a silo’d activity.

Construct the Roadmap

For each of the improvement areas, the Velocity Procurement team will develop a proposed transformational roadmap that will provide you a clear direction on how to proceed with the transformation. The transformation roadmap has many components and must be executed through robust planning and rigorous implementation. When we engage in delivering the roadmap with you, we apply our project management skills and methodology to ensure objectives are delivered and your transformation initiative is successful.


The roadmap becomes a powerful tool for you in an ongoing capacity, not only for ensuring the transformation is a success, but it provides a clear vision for how value will be achieved over the long term. This kind of visibility provides leadership the confidence it needs to rely on Procurement in it’s efforts to achieve corporate success.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

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