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PHILADELPHIA, May 26, 2021 // — Velocity Procurement announced on Thursday, May 20th that the company was the recipient of the Basware Acceleration Partner of the Year Award. The award was presented by Basware to the top-performing partners that made outstanding contributions to driving clients’ digital transformation. Velocity has been – in partnership with Basware – helping customers adopt automation easily, achieve results rapidly, increase reach and operate more simply with Basware solutions.

“This award is a tremendous recognition for the outstanding dedication and extensive efforts we have been investing into our client engagements. Since mid 2019, we have guided over two dozen companies through their digital transformation. This great achievement would not have been possible without the strong alignment and contribution of our Basware technology practice”, said Michael Jasper, Velocity’s Director of Technology Solutions.

The Acceleration Partner of the Year Award spotlights recently onboarded partners that make the quickest impact for all parties. This award looks at the time from the initial onboard to the time when both parties start to generate value for our clients.

“This award recognizes those partners that accelerate from their initial onboarding and training to delivering real value for our clients. This year I am extremely proud to announce that Velocity has won this award. Velocity’s determination, dedication, and of course speed to delivering value to our clients are the trademarks of the Basware Acceleration Partner of the Year Award,” said Sean Delaney, VP of Global Alliances at Basware. “It’s an honor to recognize Velocity as the recipient of the Basware Acceleration Partner of the Year Award and we look forward to continuing to work with them to help companies digitize their businesses in 2021 and beyond.”

Since 2011, Velocity has established themselves as a formidable provider in the realm of procurement transformation, including the adoption of digital solutions. As a Systems Integration & Advisory Partner, Velocity has engaged closely with Basware in various areas, such as sales, joint projects, and product innovations. In the past year alone, Velocity has successfully completed 10 Basware projects. “This great achievement would not have been possible without the strong relationship with Basware, and our mutual dedication to customer success”, said T Grant Dearborn, Velocity’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

Velocity received its award during the annual Basware Connect 2021 conference, their premier conference for Basware’s global alliances.

About Velocity Procurement
Velocity Procurement is a diverse provider of advisory, consultancy, and managed services focused on elevating procurement operations maturity through guided transformation.

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