Maulik J. Shah


For nearly 20 years Maulik has dedicated his career to the procurement industry with a passion for helping companies save money and developing effective supplier relationships. Maulik has a strong passion for building value and improving business processes for all of Velocity’s clients, wherein he focuses his efforts on ensuring our client programs are built using best-practices and delivered with precision.  “We have a very unique program where we conduct a detailed review session after every project and brainstorm on ways to improve delivery.  If you’re not improving your process you will be left behind.  Our people are our most valued asset, without them, none of this possible.  We take the time to train and provide continuous feedback on the positives and improvement areas.  This whole process has been really well received within our company and continues to be a core value of ours.”

Maulik immigrated to the US when he was just 3 years old with his parents. His mother and father both worked in a factory producing locomotive engines. His father and mother had a vision of becoming entrepreneurs and saved every dollar they could, to make that dream come true. His parents are now successful owners of multiple businesses and this is how Maulik gained his entrepreneurial spirit and the value of a dollar. “Success is not handed to you, it’s about vision, hard work and strive for excellence.”

In addition to his duties for Velocity, Maulik sits on the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council (EMSDC) board and is the Secretary for the Minority Business Enterprise Input Council (MBEIC).  “As a diverse business, I am passionate about helping other diverse businesses grow and showing large companies the value in considering other diverse businesses.”

When he’s not engaged with clients, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He is also very mechanically inclined and loves to work on and drive cars and in his spare time continues to perfect his remote-control lawnmower. “OK, while this is all true, I also don’t mind a Sunday afternoon nap.”


with Former British Prime Minister David Cameron


Like Velocity, Maulik likes to go fast.

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