Managed Services

Providing a flexible set of procurement out-tasking options to meet the strategic needs of our clients

Many procurement organizations are actively seeking better, faster ways to realize savings and improve productivity

Most procurement organizations are actively seeking better, faster ways to improve productivity and remove hard and soft dollar costs from their processes.

Organizations are looking to eliminate non-core procurement related activities from their teams’ responsibilities. Tedious procurement operations can easily be supported by out-tasking those reactive functions to Velocity’s Managed Services team.

Our client’s partner with Velocity in order to streamline their procurement function and improve overall performance and efficiency. Working together, we create, implement, and deliver customized operating models to increase the strategic impact of procurement for our clients’ organizations. Our sourcing and procurement solutions are designed to provide access to advanced procurement expertise and capabilities, enabling faster time to value.

Throughout our 15 years of experience in this business, we’ve learned that no two procurement organizations are the same. We don’t prescribe “cookie-cutter” solutions. Velocity is hands on throughout the pre-engagement to understand the unique challenges and needs of the client and deliver a tailored solution that will ensure long-term success.

How We Guide
The Procurement Journey

We put the right people, processes, and systems in place to manage large and complex projects and programs in their entirety. This includes services and capabilities related to:

Business Process Analysis & Design
Establish the opportunities for operational improvement via a deep dive analysis of existing procurement operational performance

Procurement Business Process Outsourcing
Outsourcing, aka out-tasking of key procurement business processes in order to increase value, from efficiency to savings capture

Procurement Technology Help-Desk
As an extension of technology transformation, embedding reliable support infrastructure to ensure adoption of procurement systems

Benefits of Working with our Managed Services Team

Our procurement outsourcing methodologies can be custom-configured our clients’ organization’s existing processes, organization and systems. And they’re designed to rapidly deliver sustainable positive cash flow so they can begin to quickly realize savings.

Cleansing and classification of data from a variety of source systems using our state-of-the-art spend analysis tools to identify the true spend management opportunities.

Deep-dive analysis within the spend to reclassify the portfolios and identify appropriate strategies to tackle the spend at a category or supplier level.

Accelerated execution of identified opportunities that includes bringing target-spend purchases into the purview of existing contracts and leveraging our knowledge base of category data, RFQ templates and RFx/Auction tools for quicker sourcing.

A highly efficient “buyer desk” to extract value from each purchase at the point of requisition — our teams use a variety of tools and methodologies to balance cost savings and business criticality for every purchase.

Reducing maverick buying at source by implementing online and punch-out catalogs, P-cards and improved compliance reporting.

Meet Velocity’s Managed Services Leader

David Pastore

Senior Vice President
Spend Management

Dave Pastore

Senior Vice President
Spend Management

David Pastore

David is a results focused, strategic, and analytical Procurement thought leader who is passionate about elevating the role of Procurement to become a leader and create a competitive advantage for clients in their respective industries. For 15 years he has led teams of consultants that help market leading companies manage their most complex and strategic spends and supplier relationships. Pairing a technical background with his procurement expertise, he brings extensive experience sourcing, developing, and implementing source-to-pay technology. Most of all, David is genuinely committed to the people with whom he works. He has coached and mentored collaborators ranging from analysts to executives and deeply values the mutual growth derived from strong relationships.

An entrepreneur at heart, David always found ways to earn money from a very young age. He did things like setting up a trading card store and picked and sold wild blueberries to a local farmer’s market. Later, he ran his own business to pay his way through college by taking on odd jobs and subcontracting: landscaping, splitting firewood, refinishing railings, handyman work, etc. His discipline, determination and work ethic continue to drive improvement within himself, the teams with whom he works and his clients.

David lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two dogs. He has far more interests and hobbies than he has time to pursue them. He enjoys traveling, hiking and camping, powerlifting, woodworking, metalworking, making noise with synthesizers, playing chess and creating art. He spends most of his free time in his workshop and has proudly built more of his furniture than he’s purchased.

Favorite Quote:

“The ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to convey it to another.” ― Richard Feynman


Procurement teams that are targeting 95 percent spend under management, need procurement to serve as an effective channel to turn visibility into results.

Leading organizations focus on core, strategic activities and leverage strong partners for execution and enablement.

Expert sourcing resources enable deeper project portfolio development and bring the commercial skills necessary to build relationships with stakeholders


Our clients need bottom-line cost savings to meet their business objectives.

Accelerating savings is imperative to keep pace with the market.

Leveraging a service provider that is in the category-related markets more frequently than the client, increases sourcing performance.

Executives want to be confident that their sourcing expertise and execution maximize savings.


Clients require a fit-for-purpose approach that improves results while flexing to accommodate the unique demands and complexity levels of specific projects.

Continuous improvement, automation and innovation are needed to drive year-over-year improvements.

Functional expertise is sought for upskilling or complementing the existing sourcing / procurement / payment teams

Achieving Value

In addition to significant realized savings (not just a net positive return on investment), benefits of a procurement services program with Velocity include reduced cost of procurement operations, increased spend under management and improved contract compliance, to name a few.

Sourcing cycle time reduction in days

Through deployment of sourcing desk, process optimization

average reduction in maverick spend

Effective utilization of buyer desk, requisition treatment and supplier enablement

Increase in user adoption and policy adherence

As a foundational pillar of our company philosophy, we issued
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
― Johann wolfgang von Goethe
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