How We Do It

At Velocity Procurement we take a different approach to helping companies improve their procurement operations. As a company, we possess three distinct differentiators.


Speed isn’t just in our name. We deploy a higher rate of efficiency in all aspects of our business, saving both our clients and business partners time and money. We do this by offering a set of highly-common procurement improvement services that are designed to be selected and deployed quickly to help our clients realize value quicker than the more common, slower, management consulting models.


Unlike many management consultancies and most outsourcing and BPO providers, we do not rely on, employ nor have any dependency on offshore operations. As a diversity business, we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers receive the best service possible right here in the US, and in the procurement industry, we feel there is a level of high-touch assurance required to deliver quality service.


We focus solely on delivering procurement improvement services to our clients. So, when our clients need other related services or technology tools to help solve their procurement challenges, we have a Partner Provider that can help them.  Velocity openly shares these relationships to allow our clients to receive maximum solution efficiency and value.