T. Grant Dearborn


When Grant isn’t riding dirt bikes with his daughters or attending their many sporting events, he works hard to lead the growth of Velocity Procurement, a firm he helped co-found. When you get to know Grant a bit, if you can get him off of the phone that is, you’d truly get a sense for his desire to make every single business relationship a success – he wears his passion on both sleeves, even when he rolls them up!

Grant’s passion for building companies has been burning since he was young, following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of the four generations before him – all successful businessmen and businesswoman in their own right. To do this, Grant has spent the last 21 years, focused solely on Procurement, investing his time in all facets of the industry in an effort to enrich his wisdom and expertise doing something he truly loves.

Even though it’s hard for Grant to take time away from Velocity, he’s an avid boater and golfer, and not to mention he’s pretty good in the workshop too – just ask him about the “bench” he built! He, his wife Jessica, and two daughters spend as much time on the water as possible, whether it be at the lake or the ocean. Yes, even with his complexion, Grant enjoys the sun. On the rare occasion of poor weather, the family binge watches science-fiction movies, especially anything Star Wars.

For a little family adventure, natives of Massachusetts, Grant and his family moved to Florida (more sun) in 2015. This afforded Grant more time to enjoy the things he enjoys most. However, his sports team allegiances have not changed at all. Yes, he’s a New England sports fan – a diehard one at that. So, you’ll often find Grant attending games back in Boston every chance he can get.

Favorite Quote:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” - Yoda

family pic-sized

May the force be with us. Family visit to Star Wars land at Disney.

golf pic

Golfing with the boys.

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