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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation helps organizations adopt innovative Procure to Pay and Source to Pay technologies that bolster their competitive advantage and drive growth

Procurement organization are evolving, and a significant part of that evolution is the use of technology

Digital Transformation fuels an organizations maturity and competitive advantage. 

The vast procure to pay and source to pay technology landscape can present a challenge to procurement decision-makers and their IT colleagues. This is where Velocity can add value and help to align cross-functional goals and initiatives. Velocity provides comprehensive consulting services to support our clients’ distinct implementation needs, including project management, requirements gathering, system and process optimization, best practices advisory, system configuration, CX optimization, user training and change management.

Our Digital Transformation Practice helps organizations to view the technology strategy, including the solution design and implementation, as an impact on more than just IT and Procurement, but also to areas like sales, corporate culture, and recruiting. Likewise, our experts introduce a culture of innovation and agility to help clients redefine customer experience, explore new operating models, create enhanced digital channels, and thaw the relationship between IT and the user community.

How We Guide The Digital Transformation Journey

We put the right people, processes, and systems in place to manage large and complex projects and programs in their entirety. This includes services and capabilities related to:

Velocity Procurement provides services to guide your business through a Procure to Pay Digital Transformation, with a focus on people, process, & technology

Technology Assessment
Effective model for conducting formal needs analysis, fit/gap assessment and business case leading to an efficient solution acquisition.

Implementation & Integration
Proven methodology for systems configuration, implementation, integration and user adoption.

CX Journey Mapping
Understand who the customer really is and map each customer’s journey through the procurement process and use of technology tools.

Project Management
Balancing resources, governance and oversight to ensure value proposition is met.

Change Management
Lead, manage and enable the organization through the change journey.

Organizational Readiness
Effectively assessing the level to which the organization is ready for technology or process changes.

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Benefits of Working with our Digital Transformation Team

There are innovative technologies that allow procurement organizations to improve the use of best practices and realize greater efficiency with their daily operations. With our decades of procurement experience, including technology implementations, Velocity’s procurement technology services can help you reduce the time it takes to achieve your business objectives. We provide clients the speed they need to quickly and effectively implement your procurement technology tools.

We are technology agnostic with experience and expertise in all leading Procurement technologies…
Remaining agnostic allows us to be objective, which ensures that our clients implement the best technology to support their unique needs.

We engage in a collaborative effort, using deep subject-matter and product experts…

To align best practices in procurement automation to clients’ business requirements, maximized by team-based software testing, user and supplier enablement and ERP integration activities.

We follow a customized blueprint for influencing change by communicating the value proposition…

(including, what’s in it for me) and deploying effective change management techniques that leverage targeted communications, training and support to ensure maximum technology adoption.

Meet Velocity’s Digital Transformation Leaders

Velocity Procurement provides services to guide your business through a Procure to Pay Digital Transformation, with a focus on people, process, & technology

Mike Jasper

Executive Vice President
Digital Solutions

Mike Jasper

Executive Vice President
Digital Solutions

Mike Jasper

With over 27 years of experience, Mike is a seasoned professional dedicated to helping organizations optimize their Procurement processes and leverage technology for a competitive edge. His expertise lies in his deep understanding of the relationship between people, processes, and technology. Known for bridging the gap between best practices, business requirements, and technology, Mike excels in guiding organizations through the complexities of source-to-pay, ensuring better cultural alignment between procurement, stakeholders, and accounts payable.

For more than eight years, Mike has been an integral member of the Business Payments Coalition (BPC), a volunteer group supported by the US Federal Reserve. His role in the BPC focuses on enhancing the efficiency of B2B electronic payments across the entire process. For the past four years, he has been a part of the leadership team, leveraging his vast experience to contribute significantly to the coalition’s objectives.

A California native, he moved to New England, embracing the change from San Diego’s perennial sunny skies to the diverse climates of the East Coast. This relocation has opened up new horizons for Mike, including enjoying snow activities and passionately supporting the local sports teams, particularly the high school football and the University of New Hampshire Rugby teams where his sons play.

Joining Velocity Procurement in 2019, Mike was drawn to the company’s vision, people, and methodologies, which he saw as perfectly aligned to address the gaps in many organizations’ Source to Pay processes. Coincidentally, one of the managing partners of Velocity Procurement shares a unique connection with Mike, having been born in the same hospital where his wife manages the Medical Staff.

Velocity Procurement provides services to guide your business through a Procure to Pay Digital Transformation, with a focus on people, process, & technology

Tim Weeks

Executive Vice President
Digital Transformation

Tim Weeks

Executive Vice President
Digital Transformation

Tim Weeks

Tim spent the past three decades working to better understand people’s needs as it pertains to technology. It started out with upgrading the family computer and changed into helping businesses solve problems through the adaptation of precise technologies, while working as part owner of an IT company. Now, as a leader at Velocity Procurement, Tim wears many hats, but his mission is to make sure that client’s needs and expectations are met.

Tim’s work ethic emerged from spending summers with his aunt and uncle in Vermont. There he would help his cousins heard the milk farmers’ cows to a pasture on top of the mountain behind their house. Hungry cows don’t care if it’s raining, you’re tired or you forgot to set your alarm all together. So, working in IT and Customer Service roles were a natural fit for Tim – to say the least. With over 15 years of experience in management and customer service Tim is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that is self-motivated and process oriented. When he isn’t plugged into a project he is unplugged in nature, woodworking at home, camping and hiking with his wife. Tim also enjoys golfing and working on cars, more to make them faster than actually fixing anything. He shares these interests with both of the Co-Founders of Velocity Procurement.

In addition to dabbling into his variety of at-home DIY projects from IT to landscaping or spending time outside building campfires, he loves to be indoors watching sci-fi movies. When you get the opportunity to visit him in his office in Philadelphia, you’ll soon learn just how much sci-fi he likes. It goes beyond more than just Star Wars mugs and NASA tee-shirts. All of these life experiences and enjoyments make him a man of many hats and interests.

Favorite Quote:

“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently” – Bill Watterson

Achieving Value

Our skills are a blend of technical expertise and business process -oriented subject matter expertise to enrich and accelerate the technology implementation process resulting in significant value to our clients.

Successful technology
solution implementations

Through a comprehensive implementation methodology

On-time and within approved budget every time

Leveraging comprehensive program and project management

Contract change orders or request for additional funding

As a foundational pillar of our company philosophy, we issued
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
― Johann wolfgang von Goethe