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The success of any procurement transformation is highly depending upon holistic implementation, change management and training. Procurement transformation programs require significant change that impacts people, process and technology — and must be communicated and implemented with thoughtfulness, foresight, and transparency.

Velocity Procurement guides organizations guides organizations from their current state to their transformed state using proven, effective change management practices. We drive change management using methodical planning, collaborative oversight, and operational tools that are incorporated into each transformation program.

Managing a procurement transformation requires a multilayered understanding of the procurement organization’s structure and a collaborative approach that keeps impacted stakeholders engaged throughout the project. Velocity Procurement deploys a systematic approach, which starts with a thorough and comprehensive assessment of readiness and potential impact of the change, followed by ensuring alignment with the strategy and leadership, then we deliver effective communications and training to ensure clients achieve and sustain their transformation objectives.

Implement a highly collaborative and structured change management methodology focused on the challenges preventing growing procurement organizations from achieving greatness.


Ref: John Kotter, Sense of Urgency - Model for Change

  • Changing people’s behavior is less about analysis and thinking than it is about seeing and feeling.
  • The role of emotions in change, to facilitate and to undermine, are central.
  • Change agents can, and do, come from all levels and all parts of an organization - look for them.
  • People need to be shown a reality in ways that are touchable, feelable and seeable, in order to be motivated to act - use visualizations at every stage.

Our Approach

The goal of any change management strategy is to create a sustainable deployment framework so that training can be developed, communications can be effective and knowledge transfer can flourish.

Transformative Change

Identify, Assess & Prepare Stakeholders for Change

  • Identify changes to the processes, controls, people, technology, and business activity
  • Assist with identifying and enabling the change agent network
  • Conduct go-live transition workshops & roadshows

Create Internal Brand for Procurement Transformation

  • Brand takes emphasis away from specific technology
  • Includes policy and procedure change
  • Gives identity that can connect communications and training resources

Ensure Alignment to Corporate Vision & Strategy

  • Assess the degree to which the project's strategy, vision and goals are shared across leadership
  • Involve stakeholders in the design of the process and technology
  • Assist with developing stakeholder analysis by location, and change impact

Draft Messaging that Demonstrates the Vision & Value

  • Engage leaders to cascade key messages to their teams
  • Assess the effectiveness of communications and adjust based on feedback
  • Develop formal communication plan, messaging schedule & drafts

Implement Training Focused on Changes to the User Needs

  • Conduct an audience assessment
  • Develop role-based curriculums and customized training plan including training materials, job aides, toolkits, etc.
  • Assist in the delivery of training by developing a train-the-trainer program

Velocity Procurement offers multiple approaches to helping organizations with
effective change management efforts that are critical to the Procurement transformation.

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“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together everyday.” – Frances Hesselbein

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