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Case Study

Source-To-Pay Transformation For Health Insurance Provider

Intense focus on infusing best-practices in change management and technology adoption contributes to the successful deployment of a leading S2P solution.

The Profile

One of the largest Medicaid Managed Care organizations in the US serving more than 5.3 million people.

The Objective

To support customer through implementation of an S2P Solution and to ensure a critical on-time go live. Tasked with module configuration support, business process alignment and optimization as part of the comprehensive procurement solution. Guided change management, communications and training to facilitate company-wide adoption.

The Challenge

Fragmented procurement organization, over time, developed layers of operational procedures devoid of a number of best practices. There were difficult and inconsistent ordering processes, including siloed purchasing sites with specialized requirements. In addition, a manual AP process led to frequent non-PO purchases with non-matched invoice processing. Lack of control in the procurement process made strategic sourcing cumbersome and lead to supplier dissatisfaction due to an underdeveloped supplier on-boarding process

The Impact
  • A detailed business process map was developed to ensure a single, fully integrated procurement platform. The process map provided the organization the solution efficiency they were seeking.
  • Transformative change management requires strong communications, our team collaborated
    with internal executives to develop effective communications for the organization.
  • Consistent support, expectation management and timely communications ensured all users were aware of the upcoming system enhancements and what their various responsibilities were from the beginning.
  • Experienced P2P experts provided comprehensive support through go-live to ensure stability and adoption.
  • Users have been trained to effectively use the S2P solution through a combination of trainer-led seminar style sessions and web meetings.
“This program wouldn’t have been a success without the laser focus of the change management efforts.”