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Brand Guidelines

When you’re designing communications, templates and graphics for Velocity, it’s essential to understand the elements of our brand identity. 

Primary Logos

Main Logo

Main Logo With Tagline

Halo Version

Logo Color Variations

Logos can be fully recolored to any of the brand colors. This must be a single color and may use the color cyclone icon.

Unapproved Color Variations

Do not mix brand colors

Clear Space

To ensure that the logotype is highly visible, always separate it from its surroundings. The area of isolation, or minimum required clear space, surrounding all horizontal logotypes should be one half the logotype’s height on all sides as shown below.  Shown in green below


When using the Velocity logo next to another brand, ensure the area of isolation, or minimum required clear space, surrounding all horizontal logotypes should be one and a half the logotype’s height on all sides as shown below.

Minimum Logo Size

Any Velocity logo should never be smaller than 225px on web

The stand-a-lone Cyclone icon should never be smaller than 75px on web.


Only the Cyclone Icon can be used overlayed on graphics with a transparency no less than 30% opaque. The icon should be a single secondary brand color.

The full Velocity Logo should always have 100% opacity.

When to Not Use Transparency

Do not use the full color Cyclone Icon with transparency or any primary brand colors. 

Cropping of Loco/Icon

  • Never crop the full Velocity logo or display partially off screen on web. 

  • The Cyclone icon can be cropped (displayed off screen) as long as approx. 75% remains visible. 

  • Do not crop off more than two Cyclon bands as indicated below.

Top Left Crop

Top Right

Bottom Left

Bottom RIght Crop

Logo Do Not’s

  • Don’t remove or change any elements of the logo.
  • Don’t use any additional styling or effects like dropshadowds, glow, or emboss effects on the logo.
  • Don’t display the logo on low contrast or similarly-coloured or busy backgrounds.
  • Don’t rotate the logo’s orientation.
  • Don’t not change to off brand colors
  • Don’t reconfigure or change the size or placement of any logo elements.
  • Don’t place the logo or cyclone logo on a busy photograph or pattern.

  • Don’t distort proportions by stretching or squeezing the logo.
  • Don’t crop the logo in any way.
  • Don’t use the icon as a bullet point.

Brand Colors

Primary Colors

HEX: #1b3668

PAN: 524C

HEX: #06548e

PAN: 653C

HEX: #0099de

PAN: 2925c

HEX: #eb7b31

PAN: 158c

HEX: #faad1c

PAN: 7409c

Secondary Colors

HEX: #000000

PAN: 8c

HEX: #414142

PAN: 446c

HEX: #939598

PAN: 7c

HEX: #ffffff

PAN: 663c


Main Font

Font Name: EXO

Font Weight Minimum: Semi-bold 600
Usage: Logo, Tagline, Website Headings & Subheadings 

Exo is a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface that tries to convey a technological/futuristic feeling while keeping an elegant design.

Secondary Font

Font Name: Arial

Font Weight Minimum: 400
Usage: Body text in website and graphics