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Posts by Sarah Nelson

Procurement Transformation: A Modern Road Trip, Part 1

As we all look back at an excellent summer you might find yourself sitting outside the dressing room while your teenager searches for school clothes patiently waiting to pay, the only reason they agreed to allow you on this outing.  As you swipe through photos of the summer you reflect on the memories you’ll cherish…

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My latte spend, friend or foe?

“But if the budget is balanced, what does it matter?” I say to my patient new husband who has found my hidden stash of lattes.  Let’s back up a bit. There are cost savings to be found when a company knows exactly what they are spending their money on, spend analytics is the tool that…

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Build it and they may not come?

We’ve sat around this table too many times to count, the procurement team listening wide-eyed as we discuss the functionality of an automated, inclusive procurement solution.  It truly is the “Field of Dreams”… to the Procurement Team.  Streamlined procurement operations with a cohesive suite of automated, cost saving, analytics in one centralized platform are what…

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