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Procurement Assessment

The most critical step in transformation is to evaluate and understand the existing capabilities of the procurement department.

Dynamics Of Procurement Proficiency

Dynamics Of Procurement Proficiency

Implementing Deep Behavioral Change Based On The Principles Of Each Businesses Unique Culture

The Velocity Procurement consulting team maintains world class benchmarks for nine key dynamics of successful procurement organizations across people, process, and technology that help to identify your level of capability, opportunities for development and establish the right continuous improvement program specific to your business.

Procurement Assessment

Assessment Activites



Review procurement and technology utilization


Execute stakeholder interviews and conduct survey


Facilitate cross functional workshops


Develop a detailed gap analysis


Determine the people – process – technology recommendations


Identify the key areas for improvement (instruments of change)


Define the procurement change charter and business case



Develop the implementation plan and roadmap

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    Focused Appraisal for our Nine Dynamics

    As with our clients, you will see tremendous value in the proficiency assessment because it will often confirm your own observations while uncovering new areas for improvement that you may have not considered.


    Deploy a balanced procurement scorecard to fully measure value to the organization. Focus is on procurement metrics, supplier metrics, use of data, compliance management and use of benchmarking.


    Division of organizational responsibility and it’s operational alignment and effectiveness. Focus is on organizational structure & alignment with business demand, integration with procurement process and staff capability.

    Ability to influence corporate change in policy, process and performance. Focus is on mandate vs maverick purchasing, influence of change, level of cross-functional collaboration, team work & values.

    Structured oversight including procurement policy and regulatory compliance. Focus on use alignment of corporate strategy, use of formal steering committee, supply chain innovation, integration of best-practices and the procurement operating model.

    Formal strategic sourcing process providing a holistic approach to driving cost savings. Focus is on use of spend and category analysis, use of market intelligence, RFx facilitation, formal supplier qualification and negotiations, contract management and line of business integration.

    Operationalized procurement process that leverages automation and best-practices. Focus is on the purchase requisition; order process, invoice payment processing and use of automation, utilization of catalogs, supplier portals and other innovative buying techniques.

    Formal supplier management program focused on compliance and risk mitigation. Focus is on supplier participation and prioritization, use of strategic alliances, approach to supplier diversity and approach to continuous improvement and innovation.

    Review operational and financial planning in order to achieve new supply chain value. Focus is on the use of spend portfolio strategies, strategic vs tactical segmentation and planning, split of direct vs indirect procurement, and…

    Operational systems strategies in place with cross-functional business alignment. Focus is on the use of procurement systems, master data management, ERP integration, solutions efficiency and effectiveness.

    Taking the Custom Approach

    Most procurement organizations have achieved a certain level of maturity or have excelled in some areas of their business, but still need support to expand their capabilities.

    Process Assessment

    Velocity’s team of procurement experts work with your key business process owners to identify, map, and define where you are, where you want to be, and the actions that will help to bridge gaps. Velocity then provides detailed recommendations and best practices specific to your business and your industry to take into consideration for the process re-design. Our approach upholds your procurement organization’s structure and provides the basis for Velocity’s procurement transformation services.

            • Current State Procurement Process Maps Developed with Stakeholders

            • Procurement Gap Analysis to Best Practices

            • Procurement Process Improvement Recommendations

            • Procurement Process Design, Documentation, Implementation, and Training

    Tech Assessment

    Is your existing technology meeting the procurement needs of your organization? Velocity’s team of experienced procurement consultants will assess the functionality, process, and procurement scope of your organization to develop recommendations for your current technology or help you assess what will be needed for your optimum future state. This assessment is a useful tool early in the Transformation Journey

            • Map and Understand Current Procurement Technology Landscape
            • Identify Opportunities to Enhance Procurement Technology and Digitization Capabilities
            • Develop Technology Procurement Digitization Roadmap

                • Multi Year Procurement Technology Plan

                • Digital Procurement Integration Requirements 

                • Procurement Technology Business Case Development

    Skills Assessment

    Digital procurement transformation will never replace your most valuable resource, your people. The Procurement Capability Assessments will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your organization’s procurement true maturity and how the people will activate the technology to meet your automation goals. Including this assessment as part of the transformation takes the project to the next level.

            • Procurement Skills Assessment and Gap Identification by Role 
                • Soft Skills 
                • Procurement Skills 
            • Procurement Training Plan to Address Skill Gaps 
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