Guiding our clients on the procurement transformation journey since 2007

Procurement organizations today
are under pressure like never before

They need to prepare to meet more complex demands from customers and the business. They need to be responsible and proactive to outmaneuver uncertainty in an environment that brings new challenges and new opportunities every day.

To tackle these challenges, Procurement leaders will benefit by creating a more customer-focused team that operates strategically, enables collaboration, and does so in an agile fashion. Efficiency should be increased through the optimization of people, process and technology.

Our Advisory Practice brings together applied intelligence and superior expertise in a way that puts people first. Combined with our process and technology capabilities and key partnerships, we help make procurement a more strategic and robust function across the enterprise.

How We Guide
The Procurement Journey

We put the right people, processes, and systems in place to manage large and complex projects and programs in their entirety. This includes services and capabilities related to: 

Advisory Procurement Journey

Capability Improvement
Analyze, assess and recommend on how the procurement function can move to the next stage of maturity.

Technology Acquisition
Developing technology requirements to build and acquire fit for purpose solutions leveraging industry leading solutions.

Operational Design
Balance skill and scale of procurement workforce to align with corporate strategy.

Project Management
Balancing resources, tools and people through a well-managed scope and schedule.

Change Management
Lead, manage and enable the organization through the change journey.

Finance Transformation
Help transform the finance function through adoption of digital tools

Benefits of Working with our Advisory Team

Procurement organizations of all sizes, complexities, and maturity levels are seeking to take the procurement function to a higher level. By engaging with our Advisory services, our clients who embark on procurement transformation are achieving:

Restructured operations enabling maximum strategic value

Renewed stakeholder buy-in to the procurement function

Increased competitive advantage that enables long-term growth

Improved supplier relationships and innovations

Visibility and control of Procurement performance metrics

Increased sourcing savings and spend under management

Optimized operational efficiency through digitization

Reduced supply chain risk

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Achieving Value

Transforming a Procurement organization into a value-creating strategic partner is an ongoing process that requires the structured approach flanked by performance management. Velocity’s procurement services ensure your transformation team maintains focus and drives quality through the proactive management of all projects.

Average Days
of Improved Cycle Time

Through process improvement adoption of best-in-class automation

Average Headcount

Through process re-design, custom training, and improved oversight

Average Resource

Through the adoption of best-in- class automation and augmented out-tasking

Reduced Procurement
Cost Per Dollar

Through a comprehensive effort in diversity program design and adoption.

Increase in
Diversity Spend

Through a comprehensive effort in diversity program design and adoption.

Reduced Cost Per
Processed Invoice

Through optimizing AP Processes
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
― Johann wolfgang von Goethe
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