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Our Industries

Regardless of the industry, we have the expertise and experience it takes to help you.

Delivering Premier, Customer Centric Supply Chain Services Across Any Industry

We believe end-to-end supply chain solutions should deliver a distinct business advantage. As competition increases and business requirements grow even more complex, you can’t afford a misaligned supply chain. Velocity understands the day-to-day nuances of numerous industries, and we tailor our supply chain solutions to meet their unique needs. We provide secure, reliable solutions — no matter your product or service.
Our industries: technology
The industry and world faces an onslaught of new challenges, increasing competition, and added levels of scrutiny with respect to data and privacy.
Our industries: higher education & public sector
The public sector faces many challenges – globalization, budget cutbacks and increased citizen expectations.
Our industries: Retail & Hospitality
Rapidly changing consumer demands – plus powerful market disruptors and new business models – are upending the industry

How Velocity Delivers Unmatched Industry Procurement Services

In Depth Expertise
Our dedicated teams know the ins and outs of various industries.

Custom Solutions
We know procurement operations differ across industries, and tailor our services accordingly

We take pride in our keen attention to the specializations that each industry requires
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