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Finishing the Year Strong: Realizing Objectives and Paving the Way to Future Procurement Elevation


In the ever-changing world of procurement, the end of the year is fast approaching, and the pressure is on you to achieve those last-minute savings to meet your annual goals. By this point in the year, many of the “easy” projects have concluded, and some of the “big” savings initiatives may have encountered challenges, leaving procurement leaders in a race against time. Following the path to procurement elevation can help offset these issues.

The urgency is real, the clock is ticking, and you need more time to plan for next year to hit your annual objectives. However, with proactive strategies and a resilient mindset, procurement leaders can still identify opportunities, address challenges, and finish the year strong. This insight will explore how to stay ahead and navigate these procurement challenges, ensuring a successful year-end.

   Assessing Progress and Identifying Gaps in Your Procurement Elevation

Start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your procurement initiatives. Review the progress of ongoing projects and identify any gaps or risks that could impact their completion. Be honest with yourself when you analyze the potential impact of delayed or at-risk projects on your savings goals. This assessment will help you prioritize your efforts and allocate resources effectively to achieve the maximum impact.

    Agile Resource Allocation is key to Procurement Elevation

With limited time remaining, it’s essential to allocate resources optimally. Reevaluate your team’s workload and reallocate resources to critical initiatives that offer the most significant, realistic savings potential. Consider leveraging external expertise or partnering with consulting firms to expedite projects and overcome challenges.

    Opportunity Reevaluation

Some opportunities may have turned out to be smaller than anticipated or not feasible at all, and you have to be willing to reevaluate your options constantly. Focus on quick wins and low-hanging fruit that can deliver immediate savings, keeping in mind that new opportunities may have come up since the last time you sought these out. Look for alternative cost-saving strategies, such as process optimization, rationalization, or renegotiating contracts with existing suppliers vs. going to market like you originally had planned.

    Seizing Opportunity Through Supplier Collaboration and Partnerships

As time is of the essence, fostering strong supplier collaboration and exploring strategic partnerships can unlock untapped savings opportunities. Engage with critical suppliers to explore mutually beneficial cost-saving initiatives. Consider forming alliances with suppliers with reliability and flexibility to fast-track delivery or extend payment terms. Collaborative problem-solving can lead to innovative approaches and creative solutions for last-minute challenges. Look for potential synergies with suppliers across various categories to leverage your organization’s purchasing power for better pricing and terms. Proactively building supplier relationships can lead to favorable outcomes, helping you secure the necessary savings to finish the year strong.

    Procurement Elevation: Building for the Future

While the immediate focus is on achieving last-minute savings, keep an eye on the future. Dedicate time for strategic planning for the following year, even on a condensed timeline. Ensure you lay the groundwork for continued cost savings and operational efficiency in the coming year. You must do so to avoid exacerbating any present challenges by putting yourself behind the curve for the following year.


As we approach the end of the year, the challenges of achieving last-minute savings are real for many procurement organizations, but so are the opportunities for success. Procurement leaders can confidently navigate these challenges by proactively assessing progress, reevaluating options, collaborating with suppliers, and deploying agile resource allocation. Finish the year strong and set the stage for a successful start to the coming year.

If you need expert guidance to accelerate your savings initiatives, Velocity Procurement is here to support your goals. Contact us today to explore how we can help you close the year strong and set the foundation for a successful future.