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5 Key areas to IT Procurement Success

The strategic management of IT and Telecom spending is one of the more challenging areas for procurement to control, as the complexity of scope, data integrity, and interdependences are all integral to a company’s success in managing IT procurement.

Collaboration results must encompass cost optimization, innovation, and cybersecurity resilience. IT sourcing activities within these categories present unique challenges, and in this insight, we explore these hurdles along with practical examples of strategic insights that can guide organizations toward successful supplier partnerships.

Navigating the Dynamic Landscape of IT Procurement: 

  • Challenge: Rapid Technological Advancements
  • Example: Embracing Cloud Services

As cloud computing continues to evolve, IT procurement services must navigate the rapid advancements in cloud technology. Organizations may face challenges in committing to long-term contracts with a single provider. Strategic approaches to addressing this challenge start with thoroughly assessing your organization’s current and future IT requirements.  Additional tactics for IT procurement could include:

  • Adopting a more agile and flexible contract that allows for adjustments based on evolving technology.
  • Embracing a multi-cloud strategy to avoid vendor dependencies and allow for distributed workloads that optimize performance and spread risks to ensure business continuity.

IT Procurement: Optimizing Telecom Expenditure

  • Challenge: Managing Complex Telecom Contracts
  • Example: Telecom Expense Rationalization

Telecom contracts often involve a myriad of voice and data services, and complexity that’s compounded by the varied segmentation of pricing elements and contractual mechanisms used by carriers.

Organizations can design solutions to optimize expenditures, providing expense management and/or managed services. By centralizing invoicing, contracts, inventories, and more, you can leverage usage analysis and renegotiate contracts based on actual needs, identifying cost-saving opportunities, eliminating unnecessary services, and consolidating those remaining.

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks

  • Challenge: Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
  • Example: Vendor Security Assessments

With the increasing cyber-attack threat, IT Procurement requires a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. In a 2022 CPO-CIO report by ProcureCon, 26% of respondents faced resource issues in effectively vetting InfoSec policies and controls. A strategic approach involves conducting thorough security assessments of IT suppliers. For instance, an organization may assess a potential supplier’s vulnerability management, encryption practices, and incident response capabilities to proactively ensure alignment with robust cybersecurity standards.

Balancing Innovation and Cost Efficiency

  • Challenge: Innovation vs. Cost Pressures
  • Example: Collaborative Product Development

Sourcing IT services often involves balancing the need for innovation with cost constraints. Organizations can foster collaboration with IT suppliers to jointly develop innovative solutions. For example, a company looking to implement innovative software might collaborate with a supplier to co-create a customized solution that meets both innovation and cost-efficiency goals.

Supplier Diversity and Inclusion in IT Procurement

  • Challenge: Limited Supplier Diversity
  • Example: Diverse Supplier Outreach Program

Achieving diversity goals within the IT and Telecom supplier base requires proactive measures. Organizations can establish a diverse supplier outreach program, reaching out to minority-owned, women-owned, and small businesses. For instance, a company might create mentorship programs or provide support for capacity building to encourage the inclusion of diverse suppliers in the sourcing process.

Successful IT Procurement demands a nuanced and adaptive strategy. Organizations can cultivate supplier partnerships that drive innovation, enhance cybersecurity resilience, and achieve optimal cost management by addressing challenges with concrete examples of strategic insights. At Velocity Procurement, our Spend Management practice collaborates with our clients to navigate the complexities of IT and Telecom sourcing, offering tailored solutions to optimize contracts, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster innovation while mitigating risks. Contact us today to discover how our expertise can directly impact your procurement strategy, yielding tangible benefits in your year-end results. Contact us today to learn more!